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Multifunction integrated audio system. Designed as a powerful and versatile PA system in a portable keyboard amplifier with a number of professional features and a level of quality unmatched by similar products.
MP6 allows you to perform at your best wherever you go. Perfect for voice, keyboards, accordions, electroacoustic guitar and drum machines, it is ideal for one-man-bands, piano-bar and many other situations.

As usual with Montarbo products, you can count on sonic accuracy, ease of use and top reliability.

- Dedicated class AB MosFet power amplifier controlled by an active processor optimizing the linearity of the frequency response as well as the working performance of the system. Output power: 300 W.
- 127 dB max spl.
- built-in 6-channel mixer and digital effects processor (16 real-time alterable programs).
- 15" high efficiency woofer
- 1" dynamic compression driver loaded by a moulded-in 90 x 60-degree high-frequency horn.
- Compact rugged and stylish two-way enclosure made from one-piece recyclable, HD polyethylene. Maximum transportability is guaranteed by two side handles moulded in the cabinet's shell, a telescopic handle and wheels.

Unlimited range of applications, both indoor an outdoor: from the beach party to the piano-bar.


Multifunction integrated audio system features. Ideal for keyboards, accordions, one-man-bands, piano-bar and many other...[+]


Prolight+Sound is one of the most important shows for Pro Audio and Montarbo will be exhibiting, Hall 3.1 B40,...[+]

Montarbo at the Winter Namm Show 2017
Montarbo at the Winter Namm Show 2017[+]
Montarbo was part of Hard Summer Music Festival 2016.
Hard festival took place last 30th-31st of July. This year the concert debuted at Auto Club Speedway of Fontana in California.[+]
Montarbo Sound & Urban Street Art
Some of the most experienced live pro installers have been involved by the sound of our sub and satellites.[+]