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T10 A


2-Way Active Bi-amplified Speaker.
T10A is a remarkably compact and light weight bi-amped speaker system, capable of very high undistorted sound pressure (127 dB SPL). It's frequency and phase responses are exceptionally linear, thus guaranteeing an exceptionally precise and detailed acoustic image. The great flexibility of use is further enhanced by the cabinet's trapezoidal shape, which allows for vertical or horizontal placement even in restricted spaces. Ideal for a very wide range of applications both indoor and outdoor, for live music performances, theatre, conferences, public address, or as a stage monitor.

- High sound pressure levels without distortion.
- Linear frequency and phase response results in a precise and detailed acoustic image.
- 127 dB max SPL.
- 2, class AB, Mosfet amplifiers delivering a total output power of 300 Watts (LF 200 W, HF 100 W).
- 2 indipendent dedicated dynamic processors.
- Active cross-over filter (24 dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley, 1200 Hz).
- 10'' high-efficiency woofer with neodymium magnet and 2.5'' voice coil.
- 1'' compression driver with 2'' voice coil.
- 90° x 70° constant directivity horn (Montarbo design). It may be rotated 90 degrees for maintaining optimal coverage (90°H x 70°V) when the speaker system is placed horizontally.
- Trapezoidal shape for optimal sound diffusion and more flexible installation.
- Compact and sturdy cabinet made from high grade birch multiply with highly resistant polyurethane paint finish. It is equipped with steel protection grid, a stand adapter and a strong carrying handle.

- Small-sized main sound reinforcement system
- Compact voice reinforcement system
- Theatrical sound reinforcement
- Night clubs
- Ballrooms
- Piano-bars
- Conference centers, presentations
- Houses of worship


Prolight+Sound is one of the most important shows for Pro Audio and Montarbo will be exhibiting, Hall 3.1 B40,...[+]

Montarbo at the Winter Namm Show 2017
Montarbo at the Winter Namm Show 2017[+]
Montarbo was part of Hard Summer Music Festival 2016.
Hard festival took place last 30th-31st of July. This year the concert debuted at Auto Club Speedway of Fontana in California.[+]
Montarbo Sound & Urban Street Art
Some of the most experienced live pro installers have been involved by the sound of our sub and satellites.[+]