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12-input mixer.
4 mono channels + 4 stereo/mono channels = 12 inputs.
Be it the auxiliary mixer for the big mixing desk or the only mixer for the one-man-band, the keybordist, the drummer the MC12 provides lots of inputs in very little space and with certainty of professional results.
Inside, all inputs use custom hybrid ceramic ICs and individually laser-trimmed resistors on the shortest possible signal path. So you get a sonic behaviour above the average, great dinamic headroom and very low noise floor. Flexibility and ease of use come standard with the MC12. As standard comes reliability in the most diverse applications, for a long, troublefree working life. That's what a professional gets from Montarbo, along with pleasure in operation.

XLR MIC-level balanced inputs, plus unbalanced LINE-level inputs on 1/4" jacks combined with INSERT-points to process mic signals independently; PEAK-warning LED; wide range GAIN pot; 3-band EQ (HF/MF/LF); AUX/monitor send (pre-fade, post-eq); EFFect (post-fade, post-EQ) send; PANpot; VOLUME control.
Out of the L/R LINE inputs and a stereo Balance control, they have exactly the same controls of mono channels.
-L/R MASTER outputs with volume controls and 12-segment output LEVEL L/R bargraph meters. Each output can drive up to 10 parallel connected powered speakers.
-PROCESSOR on/off switch. Activates an internal processor allowing to obtain a 'full-bodied' sound even with a soft sound level (very useful when performing in clubs, small venues etc...);
-CONTROL ROOM L/R outputs, with independent volume control (useful to feed a second PA while performing live, to allow different audiences listening at different sound levels);
-AUX/monitor output with volume control;
-External EFFECT SEND output with level control.
-Stereo EFFECT RETURN L/R inputs and L/R EFF BALANCE control.
-Stereo TAPE IN/OUT Pin-Rca sockets with TAPE IN volume control; -Stereo PHONES OUT with PHONES VOLUME control.
AC POWER: DIN socket for connection of the external power supply unit supplied with MC12.


Prolight+Sound is one of the most important shows for Pro Audio and Montarbo will be exhibiting, Hall 3.1 B40,...[+]

Montarbo at the Winter Namm Show 2017
Montarbo at the Winter Namm Show 2017[+]
Montarbo was part of Hard Summer Music Festival 2016.
Hard festival took place last 30th-31st of July. This year the concert debuted at Auto Club Speedway of Fontana in California.[+]
Montarbo Sound & Urban Street Art
Some of the most experienced live pro installers have been involved by the sound of our sub and satellites.[+]