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The FLOOR series is the new line of Montarbo stage monitors designed to achieve on stage the same excellent sound quality provided by the FoH products, i.e. the PalcoPLUS line array system as well as the SPOT, WIDE and FULL series. The FLOOR design philosophy adheres rigorously to our 'made in Italy' standards of quality with absolutely no compromises tolerated when it comes to component selection and concern with acoustic efficiency and tonal neutrality. The results ensure outstanding accuracy when it comes to reproduction of vocals and all instruments, as well as plenty of headroom, clearly superior intelligibility and extremely low vulnerability to feedback.

The extraordinarily shallow shape, comprehensive focus on design and wide choice of models and versions make the FLOOR series suitable for any application and environment. These stage monitors are equipped with 12" or 15" woofers and feature drivers loaded with 60° by 80° horns; they can all be driven by the PLM series powered processors.

They are available in both right (Dx) and left (Sx) versions in order to provide maximum flexibility of use and control, capable of satisfying even the most demanding sound engineers. Other options include nominal impedance (4 Ω or 8 Ω) and crossover (internal or for bi-amplification). The models equipped with internal passive crossover are fitted with woofers featuring 3" voice coils and they have been optimized for being driven by a PLM3000 powered processor, while the models intended for bi-amplification have been fitted with woofers featuring 4" voice coils. In the latter case a PLM6800 powered processor is recommended.

Other than the asymmetrical models, the series also includes the F15Cx and F15CxBi models, both equipped with a 15" coaxial speaker fitted with a 40° by 60° horn. Model F15CxBi has been designed for bi-amping and is driven by a PLM6800 powered processor. These monitors are extremely sturdy and suitable for touring thanks to the well-built cabinet with its curved profile which is made possible by a single piece of 16 mm multiply board.

The special anti-scratch surface coating increases resistance and protection even under conditions of hard use. The handles, recesses carved right into the speaker body itself, allow for a solid and reliable 270° grip; these strategically placed cavities also house the Speakon® connectors (installed on both sides of the cabinet), thus reducing the cabinet's bulk and providing greater protection for the connectors. In addition to the standard rubber feet, the cabinets are fitted with two adjustable feet that make it possible to optimize the angle between the monitors and the stage floor, thus allowing for better control of vertical directivity and mechanical decoupling from the stage floor, in order to control low frequency feedback.


PA 15", 4 Ω right asymmetrical passive stage monitor.

The FLOOR series is the new line of Montarbo stage...[+]


The FLOOR series is the new line of Montarbo stage monitors designed to achieve on stage the same excellent sound quality...[+]


Stage monitor, the perfect answer to the requirements of extreme quality and reproduction fidelity for use in theatres...[+]


Powered processor. PLM3000 is an innovative 'powered loudspeaker controller', designed to be used in a wide range of applications.



Prolight+Sound is one of the most important shows for Pro Audio and Montarbo will be exhibiting, Hall 3.1 B40,...[+]

Montarbo at the Winter Namm Show 2017
Montarbo at the Winter Namm Show 2017[+]
Montarbo was part of Hard Summer Music Festival 2016.
Hard festival took place last 30th-31st of July. This year the concert debuted at Auto Club Speedway of Fontana in California.[+]
Montarbo Sound & Urban Street Art
Some of the most experienced live pro installers have been involved by the sound of our sub and satellites.[+]