(EN) Catalogue 2014

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458 Classic

The powered mixers 453S, 458 and 459 offer a unique combination of simplicity and state of the art electronic design. Yet they do not stand out just for the professional level of equipment and high power concentrated into a minimum of space.

The structure of the small carrier cases used to contain them is a symbol which has distinguished generations of Montarbo powered mixers and is thus very popular among musicians all over the world. This distinctive metal case with covers which, when open, act as supports, was first designed and produced by Montarbo in the early 1960's with the aim of providing the working musician with the necessary tools of the trade in a small and portable package. Since then this case has 'contained' a wide range of powered mixers, each of them equipped with ever upgraded features, becoming proof of continuous technological innovation.

The digital signal processors (developed by Montarbo), incorporated in these models are just as unique as the famous magnetic memory echo effect unit of their predecessors and the ever more sophisticated electronics they contain is supported by ever more user friendly control panels.
In fact, something else is still unchanged since those early Sixties, besides the historic metal case: our construction philosophy and our commitment to guarantee the best sound quality at all times.

Input Channels: 8 mono
- Echo send volume.
- Monitor send volume.
- Channel volume.
- 2-band equalizer: treble 20dB @ 20kHz
bass 20dB @ 40Hz.
- Balanced jack input for microphone.
- Unbalanced jack input for line.
Montarbo Digital Echo-Halo:
built-in Montarbo Digital Delay (16-bit custom
chip based on ultrafast RISC architecture)
providing Echo (2 separate, mixable delays)
and Halo effects.
- 3 LEDs to indicate 'on' status, signal presence
and peak.
- Repeats control.
- Monitor send volume control.
- Volume control.
- Pushbuttons to set the 2 different echo delays
or the halo effect (both buttons pushed).
- Filter pushbutton:
cuts the frequencies above 3000 Hz.
- Echo delay control.
- Jack socket for on/off footswitch.
Master Section
- 9-band graphic equalizer.
- Master volume control.
- Monitor output (jack) allowing connection
of external power amplifiers or powered stage
- Monitor volume control.
- Preamplifier output (jack) for additional
external amplification (powered enclosures,
external amplifiers..).
- In-out Pin-Rca sockets for connection to a
tape recorder (the tape inputs can also be
used as additional line inputs).
- Auxiliary input to accept any signal source
(microphone, auxiliary mixer etc..) having
suitable output level.
- Volume control for the auxiliary and tape
Rear panel
- 4 jack output sockets for the built-in power
amplifier, featuring a minimum load impedance
of 2 ohms.
The output power at 2 ohms (with 4 speakers,
8 ohms each) is 350 W while at 4 ohms
(with 2 speakers, 8 ohms each) it is 250W.
The built-in amplifier is fitted with electronic short
circuit protection, relays for delayed power-up
sequence and automatic trouble-shooting.
- Insert sockets Send (pre-out) and Return (main-in)
socket for inserting an external effect device.
- Power on/off switch.
- I.E.C. power supply socket.
- Auxiliary ground socket.
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