About us

Project-oriented philosophy always focused on tomorrow, embracing severe construction standards and the on-going aim to provide the best sound quality in the least complicated way.

Today, we develop our technology through a two-path approach: on the one hand products are tested within most demanding live-concert environment where operating conditions are much more severe than anything most of our users have to deal with; on the other hand we design and build our own digital tools necessary for testing and analysing our electro acoustic systems.
Tradition and innovation create the basement on which stands Elettronica Montarbo’s philosophy. Within the years we have been keeping our original goal: reliability. Ensuring complete satisfaction to musicians, sound technicians as well as touring bands is fundamental because the stakes are too high to run any risk when the show is on.

We currently export to 70 countries worldwide. This guarantees that products are used and tested in several situations: from cold polar lands up to African warmer ones, from the North-American snows up to the sandy Middle East. The variety of places reached by our production has led us to provide multiple solutions to connect and supply each product with its specific needs.
The Research & Development department is also located in Bologna, where testing and continuous improvement of each instrument is a daily aim.

Usability and user-centred design have always inspired our products. This is the reason why our products are both easy to install and to use, with a genuine open architecture interface.

We are moving rapidly towards a new future. Our philosophy consists of flexible design criteria which provide the best sound in the easiest way.

The History...

It was back in the early fifties that Sergio Montanari started to build his first sound amplification systems, at first under the name "Super MB", later "Montarbo". Our trademark, the one still shown on our products, was introduced in 1962.

In those days Montarbo owed much of its success to a very special product: an innovative device that quickly made the company famous in Italy and in the rest of the world. It was a special powered mixer featuring a revolutionary ergonomic principle. A six-channel mixer, a 100-watt power amp and a "magnetic-memory" echo unit were built into a portable metal case with lids doubling as supports when opened. The magnetic memory echo unit was a groundbreaking Montarbo patent, which needed no maintenance and no cleaning thanks to the complete absence of any mechanical friction, a great benefit compared to tape units popular at that time.This original success was inspired by the same product philosophy which still guides Montarbo today: ease-of-use, versatility, top quality, appropriate materials, technological innovations, and, foremost, reliability.

The company continued to create new products in keeping with this philosophy of excellence, including a wide range of amplified mixers, followed in 1965 by the first self-powered speaker enclosures, and shortly after by the first quadriphonic mixers and by the bass amplifiers with separate head units. In the early eighties we were one of the first audio companies to design software-assisted effects processors.

Nowadays, we develop our technology using a two-path approach: first we test our products in the most demanding live-concert environment where operating conditions are much more severe than anything most of our users has to deal with, second we design and build our own digital tools for the testing and analysis of electroacoustic systems. Combining the best of both worlds, we can incorporate leading-edge technology in all our products, from the more sophisticated to the more economic. And each of our products, whatever its price, is clearly "professional grade".