About us

Since the 1960s, the Montarbo brand has grown continuosly renowing itself and opening up to new markets, taking into account its own history whilst looking at the future.

Thanks to its young innovative visionary management, Montarbo goes back to this philosophy imagining the future at this very moment.

Aware that “Together we are greater than the sum of our parts”, here at Montarbo we operate according to this idea mixing skills, stories, backgrounds and passions.

Today, as in the past, Montarbo remains authentically Made in Italy in terms of design and production, dedicating itself to the research for the best audio solutions in an increasingly interconnected world.


Our team. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Our work is based on the ability to create connections between different skills and ways of thinking, all of which are indispensable and complementary. Our brilliance comes from collective work and we are well aware of this.

Innovation. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, here at Montarbo we research, experiment and develope ideas, always following different paths that have as their unique goal the excellence in sound.

The emotional experience. Sounds can be a more immersive experience than images. That's why we study solutions that can give to the listener an experience to be totally enjoyed through an enfolding and ever more immersive sound.

Value. Behind our products there is an accurate research of technologies and materials. Excellence is the value we aspire to and the quality lies also in the appealing and elegant design and in the creation of products  that live up to their use.



In the early 1960s, while the Beatles were debuting with “Love me do”, the world was dreaming about the Space Race and Olivetti produced the first PC, the 453 mixer was released on the market by Montanari.

A portable case, with the lids used as a support, which contained a six-channel mixer, a 100-Watt amplifier and an echo unit that was subsequently patented worldwide; the first product of its kind that would have made history.

A fabulous start for Montarbo, the brand created by Sergio Montanari combining his surname with the BO suffix - for Bologna - his hometown.

The history of Montarbo is studded with a series of products that marked a turning point, leading the brand to great success.

In 1962 the company launched an amplified mixer in a case format with an integral ECHO unit that made it one of the leading All-In-One portable mixers on the market. A product that introduced the Italian brand to the world. That first success was already founded on the philosophy that even today distinguishes the Montarbo brand: easy of use, versatility, quality of materials, technological innovation and, above all, reliability.

In the early 1980s, Montarbo launched a new product, a passive wooden acoustic cabinet, known as 189, easy to use, very reliable, with high-quality integrated speakers resulting from a close partnership between Montarbo and the BBC (which later become B&C) that began to make its way on the market through collaboration with Montarbo.

During the 1990s Montarbo pulls another product out of the hat; the wooden cabinet W28A, renowed for its clean sound reproduction, good performances and a Montarbo-style amplification. Reliability and quick technical assistance - when required - play a fundamental role in the success of this product.

In the early 2000s, Montarbo launches an amplified plastic acoustic cabinet. The model is the W17P and is still in production. Simplicity, flexibility and a fast safe assembly are the main features of this acoustic cabinet. But its unique and innovative design is the real strong point.

From 1997 to 2005 Montarbo distribuites the MT180A model, a successful cabinet with a small-footprint plastic structure. This powerful reliable product is another milestone in the Montarbo history.

The MT80A evolved into the MT200, distribuited from 2003 to 2009. This is another step forward in making the product even more accurate and responding to customer needs.

The story continues with the MT200 evolving into the still-in-production NM250A, a bi-amplified high-performance active system featuring a class-leading maximum power. This unit combines the power and SPL typical of larger professional systems with compact size and ease of use, representing a real step ahead in the pro-audio industry.

From 1996 to 2008 Montarbo produces a non-amplified new mixer, the XD69, a high-level unit with high-production costs greatly appreciated by customers for its unique FX sequence as well as its reliability.

These are our origins. Today Montarbo rides the present looking at the future. Today, as in the past, our products embody excellence spreading worldwide the Montarbo pro-audio philosophy.