About us

Who are we?

A brand that has its roots in the 1960s and that reinventing and continuously opening itself up to new markets, has grown by making the most of its history whilst it simultaneously looks to the future.

With young, innovative and visionary management, the same spirit that shaped its birth now inspires Montarbo, envisaging what will be at this very moment.

Montarbo is aware of the fact that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, and operates in line with this concept, harmonising skills, histories, backgrounds and passions.  

As has always been the case, it has remained authentically Italian in terms of conception and production, dedicated to researching the best audio solutions in a world that is increasingly interconnected.

Corporate values.

The team. Together we are more than a simple sum of our numbers. Our work is founded on the ability to create connections between different skills and ways of thinking, all of which are indispensable and complementary. We are well aware that our brilliance is derived from collective work. 

Innovation. We research, develop ideas and experiment. Using the most recent technologies, we venture along routes that are always different yet always directed at sound excellence. 

The emotional experience. Sound plus image can be an immersive experience. For this very reason, we design solutions that are able to create an experiential moment for the listener to be fully experienced through enveloping and increasing immersive sound.  

Value. Each of our products is derived from accurate research of the technology and materials. We aim to create excellence and our quality can also be seen in attractive and elegant design and the products that are perfectly adapted to their environments.  

Respect for the environment. From the selection of our suppliers to the search for renewable components and from commitment to production standards to the energy savings of our amplifiers: we always strive to minimise environmental impact. 


It was the early 1960s. The Beatles were singing “Love Me Do”, the world was dreaming about the Space Race and Olivetti had produced the first PC. Montanari released the 453 mixer onto the market. 

A portable case, whose covers were used for support, contained a six-channel mixer, a 100-Watt amplifier and an echo unit that was patented internationally. The first product of its type to enter into the annals of history.

A storybook start for Montarbo, the brand created by Sergio Montanari who combined his surname with the BO suffix - for Bologna - his city of birth.  

The history of Montarbo is one that is scattered with products that have signaled a turning point and so have led to great brand success. 

In 1962 the company launched an amplified mixer in a case format with an integral ECHO unit that made it one of the leading All-In-One potable mixers on the market. A product that introduced the Italian brand to the world. That first success was founded on the production philosophy that still distinguishes the Montarbo brand: simplicity of use, versatility, care of materials, technological innovation and reliability above all.

In the early 1980s, Montarbo launched a new product.  A non-amplified wooden acoustic speaker, known as 189. It is simple to use, very reliable, with high-quality internal speakers. The result of a close partnership with the BBC (then called B&C) that gained market recognition via the collaboration with Montarbo.

In the 1990s, Montarbo pulls another product out of the bag. Clean, good reproduction and amplification in perfect Montarbo style, the W28A wooden speakers. Reliability and fast assistance if required play an important role in the product's success. 

At the start of the 2000s, Montarbo launches amplified acoustic speakers in plastic. The W17P that is still being produced. Simplicity is the key factor in the design of this acoustic speaker completed by flexibility, speed and secure mounting. The real strong point is the unique and innovative design. Montarbo distributes the MT180A units from 1997 to 2005. The product meets with great success and marks a key point in the Montarbo history. With a plastic structure, it is small, powerful and reliable. Characteristics that guarantee success.

The MT180A leads to the MT200 that is distributed from 2003-2009. Another step forward in making the product even more accurate and responsive to client's needs.

The story proceeds and the MT200 leads to the NM250A that is still produced. An active system of bi-amplified high performance, featuring maximum power at the top of its class. It unites power and sound pressure, typical of professional systems that are heavier and bigger, with compactness and ease of use.  A real step ahead for our pro-audio world.

From 1996 to 2008, Montarbo produces a new non-amplified mixer, the XD69. A product with a high production cost that is of extremely high quality. It is a huge success with clients due to its particular effect sequence and reliability.

These are our roots. Montarbo's story is now and looking to the future. Yesterday as today, our products embody excellence and convey the vision of the Montarbo pro-audio world to international markets.