Montarbo - FULL612

Stereo 3-way active speaker system FULL612 is a very high quality 'plug & play' system featuring an exceptional power-to-size ratio, which makes it very easy to transport and install. What differentiates the ...

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Stereo 3-way active speaker system

FULL612 is a very high quality 'plug & play' system featuring an exceptional power-to-size ratio, which makes it very easy to transport and install. What differentiates the FULL 612 from similar systems available on the market is the designer's selection of high quality drivers, usually featured in larger systems. The geometric shape of the cabinets and the bass-reflex ports have been carefully designed to reduce power-compression and turbulence.

The bass cabinet, FULL 12 is equipped with class D amplifiers controlled by the Montarbo DSP loudspeaker management processor (56 bit, 180 MHz, 24 bit converters) which provides filtering, equalization, delay, limiting and diagnostic functions. This DSP utilizes an advanced algorithm for the real time control of the power output and the temperature (both internal and external) of the amplifier. It also includes a dedicated standby function which results in reduced power consumption when no signal is present. 5 presets are available, one of which may be customized by the user, thus adapting the speaker's acoustic response to the user's personal taste.

The presets can be modified by means of the Montarbo proprietary software program RAConLSTM supplied with the LD2.4 USB interface (optional device). The remote control allows: programming and storage of one preset in the DSP and the creation of an unlimited library of personalized settings in the PC; adjustment of the frequency response by means of a 10 filter 'fully parametric' equalizer; adjustment of the delay time and of the output level of each speaker system; monitoring of the power amplifier's condition.


  • Stereo 3-way active speaker system composed of 2 passive satellites and an active bass cabinet.
  • 3 class-D amplifiers (with switching-mode power supplies) that can supply a total of 2000 Watts EIAJ (1000 W for the bass cabinet, 500 + 500 W for the satellites).
  • FULL 12: 130 dB max SPL half-space. FULL 6: 125 dB max SPL.
  • FULL 12 bass cabinet: 12'' woofer (4'' voce coil) with a ventilated, shielded neodymium magnet.
  • FULL 6 satellite: 6'' woofer (2.5'' voice coil) with a ventilated, shielded neodymium magnet; HF driver, with 1'' throat and 1.5 '' voice coil, featuring a neodymium magnet and titanium diaphragm; wide dispersion (80° H x 60° V) wave-guide horn.
  • Montarbo 56 bit DSP, 180 MHz, 24 bit converters.
  • Dedicated standby function.
  • 5 presets one of which may be customized and loaded into the DSP.
  • Presets remote control and customization by means of the proprietary software program RAConLSTM and the optional LD2.4 USB interface.
  • With a single LD2.4 USB interface it is possible to operate up to 10 speaker systems of the SPOT, WIDE and FULL series.
  • Birch plywood cabinet, finished with anti-abrasion paint.
  • Speaker stand adapter; transport handles.


  • The sound pressure level and acoustic power that FULL 612 system is capable of generating are truly exceptional, making it possible to cover very large areas.
  • Reproduction of recorded music in clubs and other entertainment venues.
  • Live performances of acoustic and semi-acoustic music.
  • Stage monitoring applications.
  • Recording studios, control rooms.

Frequency Response [-6dB]40 Hz – 20 kHz
Max SPL FULL6125 dB
Max SPL FULL12130 dB
HF Voice Coil15"
HF TypeDrive with cd horn
Dispersion (HxV)80° x 70°
Crossover Frequency1800 Hz
MF Voice Coil2,5"
MF TypeReflex
Crossover Frequency2500 Hz
LF Voice Coil4"
LF TypeReflex
Amp Class3 x class D ( 1x1000 W LF / 2x500 MHF)
Peak Power2000 watt
RMS Power1400 watt
AD/DA ConverterYes
System PresetsYes
Dual Active Peak, RMS, ThermalYes
Signal input2 x XLR
Signal Out2 x XLR
Power amp out2 x SpeakON 4 poli
USB ConnectorNo
Housing FULL6polywood
Housing FULL12polywood
Pole mountYes
Width210 mm (8,26 in)
Height333 mm (13,11 in)
Depth208 mm (8,18 in)
Weight7,4 Kg (16,31 lb)
Width512 mm (20,15 in)
Height376 mm (14,80 in)
Depth476 mm (18,74 in)
Weight24,5 Kg (54 lb)