A fantastic exhibition in the Milan "Salone...

There’s still a chance to take advantage of the performances of Dj set located at Piazza del Cannone, just behind Castello Sforzesco.

Today, Saturday and Sundaythe fantastic structure Hexa Structures designed by Killer Kiccen will be operational with sound carried by Montarbo under the supervision of FoH Matthias Speciani with the support of product specialist Lorenzo Ori.


The event started on Wednesday under a afternoon storm that didn’t fix Montarbo speakers. On the contrary the system continued to perform very well despite the rain.
All people were delighted and could appreciate the excellent sound although kept in harsh conditions

Installed products:
- #6 WIND 2200 ((3 by side)
- #4 616A (frontfills)
- #4 MOLL 1818A (sub)