Surely it would not be a novelty to talk to you about the FULL612 as the only portable audio system, versatile and adaptive to fulfil the most varied requirements. We would not be saying anything new if we simply communicated what distinguishes our product from others that perform the same function currently on the market, that being the use of drivers that are usually used in much larger loudspeakers.
We would not be saying anything new, simply because we have already told you and, probably you may already have a FULL612 in your equipment.

What is changing today is that Montarbo has chosen a new way to communicate the potentialities and adaptability of our product. A path that tells the audience how flexible the product is, exactly what each of you do in everyday life as well as everything that you are surrounded by. 

On our Official Facebook Page, we have chosen to show you the FULL612 starting from the situations where it can be deployed. A way to assist you visualise the situations that would require the use of a smart solution.

What we are telling you about is a product of the highest quality, rigorously made in Italy, initialled Montarbo, with a tremendous power-to-size ratio. But not only this.

We are telling you about your world and our world together. The need to sound mid-sized areas, to use a fast and easy quality system for a piano bar, for a live acoustic gig, to play good music in a club. We are talking about the FULL612 in a complex way, about a system that uses its name as the very essence of its function. FULL, Nomen Omen, the name is a prelude: a unique system to govern, many and all.

If we were to be satisfied, we would only be defined by the products we produce.

But our story starts from ideas and people before thinking about products. So, the FULL612 is a lot more than a product, it is our way of responding to your needs. And from that starting point, each of our video clips will star on our Facebook page Montarbo in the coming months.

FULL612 is a very high quality 'plug & play' system featuring an exceptional power-to-size ratio, which makes it very easy to transport and install. What differentiates the FULL612 from similar systems available on the market is the designer's selection of high quality drivers, usually featured in larger systems. The geometric shape of the cabinets and the bass-reflex ports have been carefully designed to reduce power-compression and turbulence.

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