Montarbo comes back from the MIR in Rimini, the audio, video and lighting technology trade fair, with an assessment more than positive. During the 3-day trade fair (May 6-8), Montarbo travelled through time, from the past of its roots to the present of its everyday life and to the future of its products. Products that the company will bring to the market after the summer.

The cosiness of the lounge, where they can give an all-round presentation of the company in a more thoughtful and reflective dimension, allowed the brand storytelling through the photography exhibition and the display of items that had made the history of the company. A journey into the roots that makes Montarbo proud. This precisely because its future and research develop from that solidity, which derives from history.

Far away from the crowd of the pavilions of the fair, the lounge allowed a comfortable enjoyment of the products (there for demonstration) and an exchange of ideas with the customer, the real company driving force of development. Montarbo, in fact, works around him, inventing product thinking about the problems and needs of who use them.

For this reason, during the MIR, Montarbo paid great attention to the welcome, from how to find the lounge, to the informative materials addressed to the visitor. Also important were the gadgets and the face-to-face moments, during which they talk directly to customers, answer their questions and give practical product demonstrations.

Many visitors and curious onlookers constantly reached the lounge to enjoy the story of Montarbo pro-audio world. They also went to the lounge to attend seminars and product demo of the new products launched into the marketplace and to listen to first leaks of information about the products that Montarbo will launch tomorrow.

A perfect mix of style, team, values from the past to the present and visions of tomorrow.