Montarbo introduces new products to complete existing families and extend the range of applications.

Fire8A - active Two Way: a flexible, compact and powerful speaker using a 90°x60° constant directivity horn (rotatable), usefull also as wedge monitor.

Fire8P - a 2-way passive 8Ω speaker designed to deliver high performance & powerfull sound, reducing system cost, size and complexity.

Earth115: lightweight & very efficient subwoofer in a small box - 15" transducer – available in active and passive version 4ohm/1000-800W.

Earth121: the punch and power for sub frequencies with a 21" transducer, now available in active or passive version 8ohm/2000-2400W

Earth124: 24" subwoofer, the infralow frequencies and so fast impulse response that you will never forget. The biggest subwoofer in Montarbo.
Designed for the lowest octave, the Earth124 is the solution for the pro audio.

Full311: a 2-way active speaker system, the solution for the musicians and playback music, for the pubs, restaurants and everywhere you need the true Montarbo sound in a limited space.

Even this year Montarbo confirm and reinforce his Brand Philosophy, a Company alongside the musicians. Come to see and meet us at Hall 3.1 - b40!