Montarbo® celebrates 50th birthday with...

Montarbo® made in Italy - one of the most famous Italian audio brands - as it has turned 50 it begun to change its tone of voice in communications both in Italy and abroad, renewing its style and image.

Its aim is talking chrystal clear to all users, musicians and sound technicians who understood that no compromise may be allowed in order to get a perfect sound level.

Montarbo® made in Italy now speaks their mother tongue, through clear messages and even a both essential and professional graphic style, contaminated by the idioms of new medias.

Communication talks straight, telling about concrete products which took after a great history which stands behind Montarbo’s shoulders.

The new stars - as the claim says in the Campaign 2012 for launching the new products are represented by the Sound speakers belonging to the brand new series Earth, Wind & Fire.

Aimed to inform users about new productions, the new image of Montarbo® made in Italy is scrubbed from the side of the offices and replaced by the new one, even thanks to its young and dynamic management, new creative team, together with the synergic strength given by the EKO Music Group SpA which bought the Company almost two years ago.

For the whole Group this is an important occasion: two Companies with a huge history behind walk close to each other towards a unique direction, offering the best of “made in Italy” ever.