Montarbo conquering the beaches of Salento....

For several years now the Salento region, located at the southern tip of Italy, has been one of the most popular destinations on the peninsula for italian and foreign tourists. The beauty of the region comes from the wealth of ancient traditions, food as well as an artistic and architectural history that is lost in the mists of time. 
However, this sunny italian region owes much of its charms to a crystal clear sea and white beaches alternating with breathtaking views of the cliffs, capable of attracting thousands of visitors even in summer 2020. 
During the last season, two of the most famous bathing resorts on the Ionian coast of Salento, Lido Cocoloco in Torre San Giovanni and the Punta della Suina resort near Gallipoli, renewed the PA in their facilities by focusing on the Italian brand Montarbo. 
Paolo Mele, as well as animating several events in the area with his DJ sets, is also in charge for audio management for both venues, and bears witness to the need common to both resorts, namely to uniformly cover the area around the facilities with background music during the day and DJ sets during scheduled events. 

In this context, a versatile, efficient, reliable and space-saving audio solution was needed. The choice was based on fixed installation on the patio structures of Montarbo WindPro208 coaxial active speakers.

Lido Cocoloco has been provided with 6 WindPro 208 active speakers completed by 4 EarthPro 118 subwoofers as main system, plus 1 Fire 12A MK2 speaker and  1 BX181A subwoofer in stack configuration used as DJ monitoring. Punta della Suina beach resort sports 8 Wind Pro 208 speakers, installed in combination with 4 subwoofers VIO S118R by dBTechnologies, completed by an additional sound reinforcement and dj monitoring system by dBTechnologies used for special events.