Montarbo en français? C'est CAMAC....

Montarbo®'s new fresh air blows across the Alps: since 1st January France has caught the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Since the beginning of the year the first French distributor for musical instruments ALGAM (CAMAC specifically) will manage to distribute the Italian Technology according to customers' demand.

The agreement may be nothing but a perfect synergy: The two companies did not hesitate to share the purpose, combining professional made-in-Italy production with professional distribution, letting the customer service be an example to be followed.

On the one hand a 50-year-long experience for Montarbo® made in Italy, on the other hand 40-year-long history for CAMAC.

Do you think the result of the liaison will have enough strength to fulfill the market demand?

Montarbo® and CAMAC are sure about it.