Montarbo Sound & Urban Street Art...

A full day dedicated to present the products of the line PRO by Montarbo in a special location, urban style, colored by several murals.

The informal spirit of the demo and the sound of Montarbo speakers embraced listeners by creating an ideal situation for a sincere evaluation.

Some of the most experienced live pro installers have been involved by the sound of our sub and satellites.

We listened together:

-monitor E616M powered by no processed Gravis62, Floor12Bi powered by PLM6800 with dedicated presets, Floor15CxA.

-foh, nearfield reference E616A, the Wind2200A, the Spot2500T in D'Appolito configuration, the PALCOPLUS both standard version 4+4 RA16 and double version 8+8 RA16 powered by PLM6800 processed amplifiers.

- Passive sub, the RA18 trio in cardioid configuration both in arrayor to the ground, the RAB1815 in double and quadruple configuration to form a complete sub horn. Always powered by PLM6800.

-Active sub, the EARTH218A and the MOL1818A and a little taste of EARTH112A to complete the the demo of the nearfields.