Montarbo x EIER MIT SPECK Festival...

The EIER MIT SPECK FESTIVAL is a 3-day-lasting open air festival with a mixed blend of bands and musical genres from pop, rock, ska, reggae, singer songwriter to heavy metal, punk, folk and many more.

For the 2015 edition that took place between 24 and 26 July in Viersen (Germany) Montarbo played an important role as partner of the event providing our SPOT 2500 active speakers plus EARTH218 sub as sidefill onto the main stage on all three days and as FOH PA at the "special" private concert took place the night before the festival.

The headline of this edition included bands like Sepultura, h blockx and The Subways.

The FOH Sound engineer Christian Boche said:

“I love the full sound of the SPOT2500.

It has some serious low mids and goes really loud, if needed. Even Sepultura were satisfied with the SPL.

Given the big sound, and high SPL our crew liked, that is really light weight for such a high profile system. We had one day with serious storm and heavy rain, so we decided to cover the amp modules with plastic bags as a rain cover.

The Montarbo active modules didn't care at all. Very reliable and easy to operate.”

The Montarbo System was provided by our official german distributor M&T.

For more info about the festival check the official site link at