The IIS A. Meucci of Casarano, Lecce,...

Some students of the IIS A. Meucci of Casarano, Lecce, were guests in Montarbo.

The whole technical department leaded them into an historical and instructional path, showing them all the design phases of a Montarbo project, from the specifications to an audible result.

The Montarbo engineers will was to give to that students, the future generation of electro acoustics engineers, the knowledge of what “Made in Italy” means today.

This path has been done together, talking about designs, answering questions and, of course, listening to music. Because the ultimate thing that Montarbo cares is music and its reinforcement.

The Montarbo legacy has been inherited by whom is working and living in Montarbo today, and this is what we would share with these guys.

Passion for the work, passion for the music, experience sharing, will and talent.

Our hope is that Made in Italy will go on with them too.