The Waters dance with Montarbo inside...

A new permanent installation was handled by Elettronica Montarbo in order to spread Made-in-Italy sound over a new square inside the Heydar Aliyev Park in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani economy keeps increasing impressively. The re-qualified Park named after the National Leader Heydar Aliyev stands as a strong symbol of the economic growth, through buildings and recreational facilities which are transforming the old Russian metropolis into a more Western-looking City.

According to this perspective, the Azerbaijani oil company Socar has undertaken to restructure an entire field of 60,000 square meters building hotels, arcades and squares with dancing fountains, improving the area nearby where dwellings and offices are set.

As it has already happened, Elettronica Montarbo took care of installing a Sound System around a huge fountain, whose waters are supposed to dance in sync with high-quality music and picturesque light effects.

Because of the neighbours who live close by, Montarbo opted for installing four systems of mid-level power concerning three speakers W17Pc, a special version of W17P, specifically designed in Italy to be weatherproof, thanks to its cabinet made of HD polyethylene consisting of a single rotational-molded shell in order to prevent couplings of components, avoiding any additional protection against atmospheric agents.

The amplification was entrusted to 2 amps PLM6800 with 4 channels, 1,700W power, 13,600W totally available.

The whole acoustic project was entirely handled by Elettronica Montarbo, as well as the installation works.

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