Fiveo - D12A
D12A: RMS Power 500 W (400 W LF class D, 100 W HF class AB). Components: woofer 12" and a driver ..
Fiveo - D15A
D15A: RMS Power 500W (400W LF class D, 100W HF class AB). Components: woofer 15" and a driver 1,4" ..
Fiveo - D15A SUB
New arrival
D15A SUB: RMS Power 600 W. Components: woofer 15". Protections like Overheating protection / short-circuit ..
Fiveo - F124CX
New arrival
F124CX is a professional compact mixer to give you great quality and better reliability than ever ..
Fiveo - D18A SUB
New arrival
The D Series, depending on the model, can be used for all types of applications including installations ..
Fiveo - RIO A2
New arrival
RIO A2 The FiveO RIO A2 active D.I. box is useful for adapting high impedance or power signals to ..
- Active multi-purpose combo- E1 class chipboard enclosure with orange Tolex covering, Built-in ..
Fiveo - PM85
Professional vocal microphone. Microphone type: dynamic Polarity: cardioid Module: 29mm x 50.5mm Frequency ..
Fiveo - PM75
Professional instruments microphone. Metal body with soft-touch paint finish. Microphone stand, windshield ..
Fiveo - PC22 SET
FEATURES Versatile, rugged small-diaphragm Back-Electret transducer for live or studio. Achieves ..