Montarbo - E616S
2-way bass-reflex in15mm birch multiplay, anti-abrasion paint, steel protetion grill Custom-designed ..
Montarbo - T18 A
3-way bi-amped active system. It may be easily installed and meet both the musician's and the ..
Montarbo - T10 A
2-Way Active Bi-amplified Speaker. T10A is a remarkably compact and light weight bi-amped ..
Montarbo - SW540
Active Subwoofer. SW540 stands out through the innovative design of the one piece cabinet ..
Montarbo - T10P
2-Way Passive Speaker. Model T10P offers exceptional performance from a remarkably compact ..
Montarbo - AD75
Powered mixer. This is the powered version of XD75, with the same features and controls ..
Montarbo - MC12
12-input mixer. 4 mono channels + 4 stereo/mono channels = 12 inputs. Be it the ..