Stereo powered mixer

A case making history: Montarbo 459S powered mixer isn’t just compact and powerful: it’s the evolution of an original concept developed more than fifty years ago, the contemporary version of many generations of Montarbo's powered mixers.

Its metal case became iconic amongst musicians over the sixties, and the open lids embedded in the enclosure still double as a mixer stand the mixer, jus like in the original model.

Under the bonnet you can feel the technology behind 459S:a multi-effects 56bit DSP, advanced protection circuits on the amps, plenty of horse power to drive your PA.

The mixer shows 8 mono inputs, and the power outputs of the on-board AB-class power amplifier are able to provide up to 320W for each of the 2 channels.

Montarbo -
  • 200 + 200 W continuous into 4 Ohms
  • 10 inputs / 8 channels (6 mono + 2 stereo)
  • 6-band stereo graphic equalizer
  • Effect send
  • Auxiliary send
  • Stereo digital effects processor based on a 56 bit DSP with 24 bit Delta Sigma conversion
Product Code: 1705F000196


Input Section

Micro (balanced - XLR) sensitivity-60 dB
Micro impedance2.2 kohms
Line (unbalanced - jack) sensitivity-32dB
Line impedance10 kohms
Stereo L/R (unbalanced - jack) sensitivity-48dB
Stereo L/R impedance33 kohms
Channel gain range30 dB
Noise referred to input-124 dB
Channel tone controlstreble ± 15dB @ 15 kHz
mid ±15dB @ 600Hz
bass ±15dB @ 50 Hz

Effects section

Stereo digital processor (Reverb, Echo, Halo, Echo+Reverb) and External Effect

AD/DA conv.24-bit Delta-Sigma
Signal-to-noise-ratio> 85 dB
T.H.D< 0,1%
Effect send nom. level0 dB

Master section

Frequency response25Hz÷25kHz, +0/-2 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio80dB (nom. levels, eq.flat)
Graphic equalizer±12dB / 80 - 200 - 500 Hz 1,6 - 4 - 10 kHz ±12dB
Insert in/out L/Rnom. level 0 dB
Aux outputnom. level: 0dB
max. level: +20dB
Tape in nom. level-10dB
Tape out nom. level-20 dB


Total output power200 + 200 W continuous W / 4 ohms
320 + 320 W peak W / 4 ohms
Frequency response30Hz÷25kHz, +0/-2 dB
Protectionselectronic protections, relais for delayed power-up sequence (5 sec.), automatic troubleshooting


Dimensions465 x 820 x 380 mm [15.75" x 18.3" x 7.9"]
Weight16 kg [35.2 lbs]