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Aurora Net allows a complete real time monitoring and control of the sound reinforcement systems at a glance via the RDNet port on board on Nettuno 20 and 50.

Cross-platform developed (Windows, Mac OSX)in order to guarantee maximum reliability. Utilizing Ethernet cable (or optionally XLR), the software enables advanced, fully customizable DSP control and digital audio management.
Its user-friendly interface is optimized for touch-based management on portable devices, offering a seamless and intuitive workflow.

The workspace layout is designed for quick access to all key functions, supporting a single-click process. Users can effortlessly assess the entire PA system in use or manage individual elements through a fast and detailed zoom-in/zoom-out display feature.
To employ the remote control management is required RDNET CONTROL 2 (or CONTROL 8).

RDNET CONTROL 2 is a hardware interface to connect Montarbo RDNET compatible devices (Nettuno 20, Nettuno 50 top, Nettuno 50 sub), to a Personal Computer by means of an USB connection. The RDNET CONTROL 2 unit can manage up to 2 subnets. Up to 32 devices can be connected to each subnet (2 subnets x 32 = total 64 devices). The addressing of the various devices is handled automatically by RDNET CONTROL 2 interface. Each device is assigned a unique address during the power on procedure of network.

Aurora Net setup 2024 1.0 or higher is required.

Montarbo -
  • Cross platform Windows and Mac OSX
  • Fast work via Ethernet or USB
  • Advanced self-tailored DSP management
  • Smart auto-grouping functions
  • Intuitive design & User Interface