Easy home-studio headphone distribution

The compact, versatile headphone amplifier able to get the most from any professional headphone. Practically speaking, HP-24 not only allows up to 4 users to listen at the same time but also customizes the sound experience to suit the needs of sound engineers, musicians, and performers, while maintaining the optimal audio performance.

HP-24 perfectly combines the ability to apply high gain with very low distortion levels. The amplifier features L/R balanced inputs. The central knob controls the amplification level of the audio signal, while the LED meter displays the stereo audio level, visually reporting possible saturation/clipping.

Each of the 4 channels has an independent level control. A dedicated button allows switching the signal from stereo to mono and vice versa, when necessary. In addition to this, auxiliary input and output also allow multiple HP-24 modules to be connected together, increasing the total number of available channels when needed. The ground terminal eliminates any buzz due to connection between different devices.

The amplifier is supplied with an external power supply unit with interchangeable plugs (EU/UK/US).

Montarbo -
  • 2x 6.35mm balanced Input 
  • 1x 6.35mm stereo AUX Input 
  • 4x 6.35mm stereo Output 
  • 1x 6.35mm stereo AUX Output 
  • Stereo-Mono Switch 
  • Individual output level for each of the 4 channels 
  • Easy daisy-chain operations for multiple units 
Product Code: 1740000020



Input Impedance50 kohm
Frequency Response10 Hz - 35 kHz
S/N Ratio101.7 dB
THD+N Ratio0.006% @1kHz 32ohm
0.0008% @1kHz 300ohm/600ohm
Max Input level5.5 dB (32ohm)
12.2 dB (300ohm)
12.3 dB (600ohm)
Max Output power2x 227mW@32ohm
2x 140mW@300ohm
2x 138mW@600ohm
Stereo Isolation62.3 dB (32ohm)
77.1 dB (300ohm)
86.4 dB (600ohm)
PowerSMPS with interchangeable plugs
INPUT: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.75A
OUTPUT: 12V DC / 2A 24W

Input & Controls

Input2x 6.35mm balanced
1x 6.35mm stereo AUX
Output4x 6.35mm stereo
1x 6.35mm stereo AUX
Controls1x Gain knob
4x Volume Knobs
Switch buttons1x Stereo-Mono switch
1x ON/OFF switch