Montarbo Studio supports Art Performing inside the suggestive space of MAMbo Museum in Bologna, Italy


Floating in the sound was the concept, modify the human space was the effect, realize it all was a task for the M8S & M8M speakers.

The brand new line dedicated to all sound creators and studio professionals got its own artistic debut by sounding suggestive spaces framed by an original interactive performance.
The M8S & M8M speakers were the acoustic focal point for a new musical release: the Bolognese rock band JoyCut - appreciated and supported even by The Cure's frontman - presented the album "Blu Wave" in an equipped room wholly dedicated to listening and contemplation.

"It is a long, meditative work, and we wanted listeners to perceive this dimension by immersing themselves in it, floating in the music, consuming its narrative with a unique appointment, involving multiple senses," were the words of the singer and bandleader. The interactive presentation involved the distribution of multiple amplifiers in the space dedicated to the presentation/performance, while a box that spread sound in holophony was placed in the center; the audience was encouraged to move around, turning the room into a large soundbox. The movement unpredictably affects the listening, generating an ever-changing system of echoes and reverberations. The viewer becomes an active part of the creative process by moving, hugging, and touching.

It was an inspiring experience that tested the flexibility and quality of studio systems in contexts where the accuracy of reproduction was considered art.